Giggetty- The Black Country`s Favourite Folk Brian Langtry- 1971 to 1997: Guitar/Mandolin/Vocals Graham Green- 1971 to 1986: Guitar/Accordian/Whistle/Vocals Dave Whalley- 1971 to 1988: Banjo/Whistle/Vocals Ken Ash- 1971 to 1972: Guitar/Vocals         Subsequent Members  Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Ray Deer- 1974 to 1979: Electric Bass/Vocals Glyn Halford- 1975 to 1981: Guitar/Vocals Roviena Gohlich- 1981 to 1986: Vocals Alan Clee- 1984 to 1991: Electric Guitar/Vocals Derek Stone- 1987 to 1990: Fiddle Neil Cox- 1988 to 1990: Guitar/Vocals Laurie Hornsby- 1984 to 1984: Guitar/Vocals Jack and Anne Webb- 1990 to 1997: Vocals/Guitar Tony Dalloway- 1983 to 1997:Electric Bass   Brian Langtry- now writes for theatre with some 30 published works plus “ The Eva Cassidy Story “ on tour UK/Europe 2003 to the present day and “ The Billie Holiday Story “ UK/Europe tours 2005-2006. See the Contact page in this website for further details. Graham Green -  sadly passed away in 2007. Dave Whalley- is semi-retired but still teaching. Ken Ash- sadly left this world in the mid 90`s. Ray Deer- has retired and settled in the beautiful hamlet of Clun in Shropshire Alan Clee- returned to his rock`n`roll roots after leaving with the Black Country band Finders Keepers. He has now retired (again) and sells and repairs guitars. Derek Stone- departed this world in 1991. Neil Cox- likewise passed away suddenly in the early 90`s. Laurie Hornsby- works in theatre and related areas having written and acted in successful Midlands tours of `Brum Beat`. Jack and Anne Webb- continue to sing together. Tony Dalloway- moves between some involvement in live music with running his own agency.   - Ray Deer