click on any picture to increase its size                                                                                                                                   Recorded over a weekend in 1975 at Mid Wales Sound Studio engineered by Alan Green and produced by Giggetty. The band comprised, at that time, of Graham Green (12 string guitar and accordian). Brian Langtry (guitar, mandolin and melodica), Dave Whalley (5 string banjo and whistles) and Glyn Halford (guitar). Jim William Jones contributed 6 glorious poems. Barry Hipkiss played  piano and Roy Deer (later to become a full time member of the group) guested on electric bass and guitar.  Tracks  - `April Sunrise over Dudley Town` (Langtry) `Work Mi Lads` (Langtry) `The Bargee` (Langtry, Whalley, Hipkiss) `Leggin Boats (Whalley/Trad) `Heart of the Black Country (Green) `Wombourne Common` (Langtry) `Bandy legged left` (Raven/trad) `Black Country Bred` (Green) `Four Men of the Black Country (Green/trad0 `Tearin` Mi Black Country down (Green). Poems by Jim William Jones- `Skies and Views` `From Under the Smoke` `Billy One-up` `Aw-Dew o`de Tree` `Sun o` Mi O`de Age` `I was Born Here`.                                                      Recorded at Mid Wales Sound Studio (engineer Alan Green) and Playback Studios in Wolverhampton this second Album saw the light of day in 1977 and comprised of songs from the regular Giggetty repertoire. The Band consisted of the above with the now full time addition of Ray Deere who, in addition to playing electric bass, featured one of his classic Jake Thackray ditties “The Castleford Ladies Magic Circle” Ray`s amazingly accurate renditions of Thackray songs had by this time become a regular feature of any live show. Tracks- `Whip Jamboree` (Trad) `Peggy Gordon` (Trad) `Tipton Tide` (Langtry) `Daytime Lady` (Langtry) `The Castleford Ladies Magic Circle` (Thackray) `The Titanic` (Trad) `Johnny Lad` (Trad) `Flower of Scotland` (Williamson) `The Pirate Serenade` (Trad) `Duw it`s Hard (Boyce) `No Regrets` (Rush) `New York Girls` (Trad)       Recorded in 1980 when the Band had been joined by female vocalist Rovina Goelich. Side one was a live performance recorded by BRMB engineer ian Edwards at Wombourne Fire Station. This features acts from the Giggetty Black Country Show; historian Winston Homer, duo vocalists Ann and Jack Webb, Jim William jones, Ron Burns and Anuyk and Ayli. Side two was recorded at Wolverhampton`s commercial radio station Radio Beacon studio engineered byIan Edwards and Rook Studio Stourport where Pete Williams and Colin Townsend engineered.   Tracks- Side One- Winston Homer, Anne and Jack Webb, Jim William Jones, Giggetty, Anuyk and Ayli. Side Two-  `Maggie May` (Trad) `Lullaby` (Langtry) `Streets of London` (McTell) `Misty Midlands Morning` (Langtry/Green) `Penny for the Guy` (Green) `Lord of the Dance` (Carter`) `Seven Valley Railway` (Green) `Animals Lament` (Hampton and Verhaeg). This last track was the winning song in the `Save Dudley Zoo` competition. click to increase size ALBUMS click to increase size Giggetty recorded a considerable number of master tapes for various people and some of these were put together in a `Collection` cassette which was on sale at gigs from around 1987. `Wild Mountain Thyme` `Sailor Boy` `Closing down the Zoo` (A contribution towards saving Dudley Zoo) `The Heathens Song` (For Cradley Heath Heathens Speedway Team) `The Old Lamplighter` `I Used to know this Little Town so well` (For a BBC2 TV documentary) and others featured. click to increase size Songs recorded live and in Brian`s home studio featuring `Memories` (Always the opening number at any gig) `Dlloy` a tribute to the great Dolly Allen, `Black Country Born and Black Country Bred` `I saw the moonlight` `Cradley saturday Night` `Leaving on a Jet plane`The cassette was put together in memory of Derek Stone who played fiddle with the group for some 6 years until his sad and untimely passing. A collection of old Yule tide favourires- `White Christmas` `Mary`s Boy Child¬ `Silent Night `Once in Royal David`s City` `Morning Town Ride` and original songs from the pen of Brian Langtry- `Christmas then` `There were no Angels` `When Christmas time is through` `Owde Black Country Christmas` `Black Country Christmas`. On sale at gigs from 1992. click to increase size b/w Black Country Tour (Bridge Records) Recorded with fellow Black country friends                                                               and `performers.`Dandy` this single was written and recorded as a tongue in the cheek nod at Disco and holiday favourites such as `The Birdie Song` `Agadoo` et al and almost made it onto the screen on Esther Ransom`s `That`s Life` show. The idea was spawned when Tipton Baths announced that for the summer they were transforming their poolside into a Black Country `Costa`. We thought this might have been the big one like Jasper Carrott`s `Funky Moped` but alas no! Recorded at Different Disguises Studio engineered  by the very talented Terry Rowley. click to increase size This song had long been in the repertoire of the band sung in folk style by Dave Whalley. Alan Clee, of Finders Keepers, and a stalwart of the Midlands rock scene. he joined the group initially as a bass player but, his abilities as a very tasty lead guitarist were put to fantastic use on this version of the traditional love song. Alan took complete control of the arrangement for this `melodic rock` version of then song which was recorded at the Smithy Studio, Worcester and engineered by terry Rowley. Released in 1991 it received a flutter of radio plays but then disappeared. We are convinced that this arrangement was the blueprint for one Scot`s star of Maggie May fame.       b/w Lord of the Dance (Bridge Records) click to increase size click to increase size  b/w Motor way Mess (Green) (Pye Records pub. ATV Music)   Initially recorded around 1978 with Ian Edwards at the Radio Beacon studios this single was put out in the wake of `Match Stick Men and match Stick cats and Dogs` the massive surprise number one record by Lancashire lads Brian and Michael. Black Country Brass played on the single and a local Kingswinford school choir donated their services on the recording which was picked up by the now defunct Pye records. Reaching number 16 on the Radio beacon Hot Forty the song remains a Christmas favourite with many Black Country folk. Black Country Christmas (Langtry) b/w Lullaby (Langtry). Rvolver Records 1980 A second try put out by Revolver records of Wolverhampton, this time coupled with an original song by Brian. click to increase size   Click on any image to increase its size CASSETTES SINGLES This was written as a fund raiser for the successful 1980`2  campaign to keep Dudley Zoo open and save this iconic Black Country attraction from an ignominious ending. This became the theme song for the Cradley Heath Speedway Team and was recorded in Stourport and written by Brian Langtry. A further collection of Giggetty favourites released on cassette and featuring popular gig songs such as `Here upon the Chase`, `In between the wars`,`Black Country Girl`, `Streets of London`,`My Black Country Home` and others.