Made with Xara Web Designer DANDY The stupendously funny and talented Dandy were regular stalwarts on so many Giggetty shows featuring their own irrepressible humour and the talented vocal chords of Glynis. This husband and wife team continue to entertain, delight and floor audiences all over the Midlands and further afield. Dandy JIM WILLIAM JONES A delightful man and to many the foremost serious poet of the Black Country. Jim worked for many years wit The Giggetty Black Country Show and featured on two albums. He produced several books of verse and contributed both dialect verse and formal verse to many newspapers and periodicals. Sadley Jim is no longer with us but remembered by all who came  into contact with him. To read Jim`s poem- `Death of a Blast Furnace` please click the above image WINSTON HOMER Winston joined the Giggetty show from its very early days moulding his vast knowledge of Black Country people , places and history into the format of popular entertainment. Winston acted often as compere and was renowned for endearing gaffs. At a club in Tettenhall Woverhampton he introduced Giggetty using the immortal words: “Yow enjoyed `em last time them wus `ere an`  them`re much better now so please give a warm welcome to..... (Winstone looking decidedly flustered).....what`s your name lads!!!!!” Great character and even more important an honest, loyal and thoroughly generous man. RON BURNS Ron regularly appeared with Giggetty over the years always bringing his indivivual effervescent brand of humour and cuttingly accurate dialect verses to audiences throughout the Midlands. Ron produced several books of poetry and like Jim Jones contributed Black Country insights to local newspapers and local radio. Ron passed away too early but is remembered with great fondness. To read just two of Ron`s poems click on the above image Denis took his wonderful parody of Tommy Cooper type routines locally and nationally for year upon year. You could watch him countless times and the act was always almost word for word the same and yet still wonderfully interactive and screamingly funny. Again sadly Denis is no longer treading the boards but he probably has his fellow spirits constantly in stitches. DENNIS BEARDS     TOMMY MUNDON Ever popular and much loved on the Black Country map with high energy quick fire comedy. HARRY HARRISON Probably the original comic/poet/humorist of the area. Performing since the 1960`s. Harry sadly passed away in 2007. DOLLY ALLEN Excruciatingly funny with a unique style Dolly, like Harry harrison, started to perform over half a century ago. Writing all her own material Dolly dressed distinctively and possessed an acute skill of what we now call observational comedy. LIZZIE WIGGINS A relative newcomer in relation to  Dolly but Lizzie over the past 20 years established herself both within and outside of the Black Country as unique character building upon and enlarging the persona that was Dolly Allen. DOUG PARKER  Very intelligent humour and an engaging personality have guaranteed Doug a place in the annals of Black Country entertainers. A great act or compere with an acute wit and stories aplenty. KEN WOODS(And the `oss!) Ken has kept his ventriloquist act and the`oss` alive and fresh for countless years. An all round entertainer Ken appeared on many a Black Country show. REG KIERLE This stunningly talented pianist and comedian shared the stage many times with the band and is a master of gangling tales which are taken from real life and given a unique `Kierele` twist and delivery bringing tears of laughter to the eyes. An amazing jazz pianist and raconteur reg can still be heard entertaining in Midlands clubs to this day. COLIN DENNIS Another stalwart of local and national entertainment Colin was an ever popular comic throughout his life and will be missed by many.  Friends of Giggetty John William Jones Winston Homer Ron Burns The Black Country`s favourite comedy double act reinventing the style and humour of the original 1920`s cartoon characters. Aynuk and Ayli Aynuk and Ayli